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Chief Executive Officer - Perennia
Perennia is a Nova Scotia-based organization committed to helping farmers, fishers and food processors become more prosperous and profitable. Affiliated with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and governed by...
Chief Administrative Officer - Municipality of the County of Kings, Nova Scotia
The Municipality of the County of Kings is located in the scenic Annapolis Valley along the Bay of Fundy. With a population base of 60,000 people – the third largest municipality in Nova Scotia – Kings has a diverse economy consisting of...
Executive Director - Landscape of Grand Pré Corporation
The Landscape of Grand Pré was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2012. The Landscape of Grand Pré Corporation has been established to manage this World Heritage Site with a mandate to ensure the conservation, protection and interpretation of its unique cultural landscape.

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How To Tell If You Have New Leadership Potential
By Gerald Walsh ©
Old style leadership used to be about “command and control.” If you put your head down, did what your boss said, and didn’t ruffle any feathers, you eventually would make your way up the corporate ladder. Your best strategy was...
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Is It Possible To Convince An Employer To Hire You … Even If You’re Underqualified?
By Gerald Walsh ©
Years ago, I met a young environmental engineer, Brad, who had just come from an informational interview with an engineering firm. The firm was meeting him only as a courtesy – as they had no openings...
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