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Executive Director – CCMA

Based in St. George, NB, the Multicultural Association of Charlotte County (“CCMA”) provides settlement and integration support to Charlotte County newcomers and promotes multiculturalism within local communities.

CCMA also maintains a strong and valued network of community stakeholders who collaborate with CCMA to meet a wide range of individual client needs and support CCMA’s growing multiculturalism program.

The leader of this organization must be a special person. On their behalf, we are seeking just that person to be their Executive Director.

What qualities are needed as Executive Director?

First and foremost, you are an strong leader who can combine long-term, visionary thinking with the urgent day-to-day operations of a very busy organization. Personally, you have a strong commitment to social entrepreneurship and a demonstrated track record of pursuing causes that contribute to the good of the community.

You have appropriate academic credentials and understand the complexities of running a business that includes operations, human resources, government relations, finance, community partnerships, communications, volunteer management and programming.

You are familiar with how a Board of Directors functions and you can work collaboratively with them in policy development, program planning, and strategic direction, while keeping them abreast of all external and internal issues that could affect the organization.

You can talk “numbers” as well as any accountant. Terms like funding, budgeting, cash flow, profit and loss, capital expenditures, risk management, and financial reporting, are all second nature to you.

Your leadership and communication skills are well-developed and you are comfortable being the face of the organization with its many stakeholders. Experience working in a multicultural or similar association is an asset, as is working knowledge of languages other than English or French.

Is this you? If so, please forward your resume and a letter explaining clearly how your background and experience will meet the needs of CCMA. Applications can be emailed to Gerald Walsh Associates Inc. at, quoting project number 1633 in the subject line. A more detailed description of the role is available upon request.


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