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Executive Director – Bide Awhile Animal Shelter Society
Founded in 1969, Bide Awhile is an animal shelter that provides support for homeless animals while they await their permanent home. As a no-kill shelter, they create...
Lawyer - Office of the Employer Advisor, Nova Scotia
The Office of the Employer Advisor, Nova Scotia (OEA NS) is a not-for-profit society that assists employers and business associations with advice, advocacy and education in four main service areas including...
Fisheries Business Development Team - Ulnooweg Development Group Inc.
Ulnooweg Development Group Inc. is looking for a new team member with a background in fisheries and business development to...

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Can I Buy You A Coffee?
By Gerald Walsh ©
When you are looking for a job (or to change jobs), it makes sense to reach out to potential employers to build your network, learn about...
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The First Few Months of a New Job
Starting a new job can be stressful and you may begin to doubt yourself. Did I make the right move? Will my co-workers like me? Do I have...
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