Do You Work For A Bad Boss Or A Good Boss?

There are plenty of bad bosses out there:

Bosses who rarely communicate with you and who are never around when you need them.

Bosses who take no responsibility for their actions and are all too willing to throw others under the bus to deflect negative criticism from themselves.

Bosses who are simply incompetent– technically, interpersonally, managerially, and otherwise.

Bosses who are more concerned with their own career than yours. 

Bosses who micromanage your work and either mess it up or take it away from you.

Bosses who are unethical and who are willing to cheat and lie to get ahead.

Bosses who are narcissistic and need to be right all the time, hold inflated opinions of themselves and crave constant admiration. Think Donald Trump.

Do you recognize any of these types from among your current and past bosses?

If you do, send me a reply email and let me know.

To move ahead in your career, you need to work for a good boss:

– Someone who respects you as a person and values your work.

– Someone who sets clear expectations and provides feedback when needed.

– Someone who pays you fairly and wants you to develop new skills.

– Someone who values your opinion and makes work fun.

– Someone who displays ethical behaviour and acts with integrity.

A supportive and trusting boss-employee relationship is essential. Before accepting a new position, talk to existing employees to see if your potential boss displays any of these characteristics.

If you are already working for a bad boss, try to identify ways to work around them until you find a new job.