For over 30 years, I have been a driving force in helping organizations hire, manage, and develop their employees.

As the founder of Gerald Walsh Associates, an executive search and HR advisory firm, I’ve had the privilege of consulting with a diverse range of entities. My expertise has been sought by not-for-profits, municipalities, corporations, owner-managed businesses, school boards, government bodies, public sector agencies, as well as industry and professional associations.

I have advised these organizations on all aspects of talent management from recruitment, compensation, and benefits to performance management, succession planning, training and development, policy development, and workforce planning.

During this time, I’ve also had the privilege of interviewing over 25,000 job candidates and successfully completing thousands of executive search assignments across management and professional levels.

While my passion for talent management and how it impacts organizational performance remains undiminished, I am transitioning from the recruitment business to channel my energy into writing, workshops, podcasts, and selective consulting projects.

Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed organizations make many avoidable mistakes. I’ve seen employers eagerly welcoming new hires, only to discover within weeks that the selected candidate was not the right fit for the role. I’ve seen top performers being lost to competitors due to inadequate compensation packages. And I’ve seen promising young talent slipping away because of a lack of performance feedback and growth opportunities.

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The list is extensive, but the core message remains clear: employers can significantly improve their hiring, management, and employee development practices. This is the area I aim to address.

This website will serve as a comprehensive repository for my resources on hiring, compensation, and other areas of talent management. Additionally, you can explore my insights on various social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Twitter (now referred to as X).

Lastly, I am available for a small number of select consulting engagements. If you wish to discuss this with me, you can contact me here.

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