How to Know When the Time is Right To Look for a New Job

Deciding to look for another job can disrupt your career, reputation, and personal life.

You may lose relationships and income and blemish your resume if you make the wrong career move.

But staying in your present job, because you fear the uncertainty of a job change, can be worse. You can quickly become stagnant and reduce your chances of finding a job later.

So, how do you know when the time is right to start looking for a new job?

I suggest you start by looking at your employer and current job situation first. There may be no future for you with your current employer if:

… You’re not being invited to participate in meetings

… You are being undervalued and disrespected in the workplace

… Your work environment is toxic

… Your compensation is less than others in similar positions

… You have frequent disagreements with your boss and peers

… You are not being recognized or thanked for your work

… Your ideas are not being heard

… Your colleagues don’t associate or consult with you

… You are being given work that is beneath your abilities

Even if none of these things exist and your employer is happy with your work, you might consider a change if:

… There is no obvious role for you to grow into

… Your work is no longer challenging

… You have lost your enthusiasm for work

… There is an apparent gap between your values and those of senior management

… Your boss changes and your new boss does not appreciate your contribution

… Your job is so stressful that it is affecting your health and family

Some people start looking for another job prematurely, such as when they’ve had a bad day or didn’t get the raise they had hoped for.

But don’t act impulsively.

Instead, sit back and ask yourself: Is this a one-time occurrence, or is this tangible evidence of a fundamental mismatch that is unlikely to change in the future? That answer should help guide your decision.